Breathing life into data

At Sievert Consulting, we turn data into insight. Our passion is data visualization, but we offer many services surrounding the practice and dissemination of data science.


All our services leverage cutting-edge free and open-source software for data science

Interactive websites that support data analysis tasks

Shiny app development, deployment, management, and support

Programming support and training (we're a trusted RStudio instructor )

Statistical consulting

Dynamic & reproducible reporting of analytical results

Data acquistion, cleaning, management


Our clients include: startups, government, universities, and corporations


Feedback from clients and workshop attendees


Carson Sievert, PhD. Founder and Principal Consultant

Carson enjoys developing software and creating products that make data analysis more accessible and less boring. He is most well-known as the maintainer of plotly – the most widely used R package for creating interactive web graphics. Shortly after receiving a PhD in statistics, his contributions to plotly were recognized by the ASA with the Chambers Award. In addition to a formal background in math and statistics, Carson has over 7 years experience using and developing data science software – allowing him to attack challenging problems with domain expertise from many different areas. Whether it's a novel visualization for better model interpretation (LDAvis), or a customized (shiny) web-application for exploring multiple datasets (e.g., zikar, pedestrians, eechidna, bcviz); Carson pushes the frontier of R and JavaScript to help (himself and others) derive insight from data in a reusable, portable, reproducible, and accessible way.