Turn data into value with a custom, reproducible, data-driven

Our expertise in open source data science tooling (R, Python, and JavaScript) can help you create better data products, faster.

Analytical website development

We've helped to develop some of the most widely used software in this domain (e.g., Shiny and Plotly), so we can answer your toughest questions about these tools and/or use them to deliver awesome analytical websites.

Automate menial tasks

Never copy+paste from Excel to Adobe again. We'll automate PDF+HTML reporting (as well as data cleaning, transformation, and modeling) using free and open source code.

Reproduce, scale, and extend

We work closely with clients and apply our software engineering expertise to ensure the code we deliver is easy to understand, maintain, scale, and adapt to future needs.

We have lots of experience
developing analytical websites.

We've designed, developed, and shipped dozens of Shiny apps as well as pure HTML+JavaScript websites that make data more accessible, informative, and beautiful.

Gain new perspectives

Our expertise lies in surfacing multi-dimensional relationships through interactive dataviz techniques such as animation, highlighting, and filtering across multiple linked views.

Faster prototyping

We take pride in our ability to rapidly produce sophisticated deliverables with R, Shiny, and Plotly (so much so that we wrote a book on it).

Hosting tailored to your needs

We'll work together to find the right solution for hosting the final website. Whether that means hosting it for you, working with IT to stand up server infrastructure, educating you on solutions provided by other vendors, or even implementing the website in pure HTML+JavaScript (for easy hosting), we'll do whatever makes sense for your needs.

Higlighting and filter across multiple linked views

Some of our favorite work

We love working with domain experts to bring their ideas to life.

About us

A headshot of Carson
Carson Sievert, PhD. Founder and Principal Consultant

Carson brings more than a decade of experience in consulting, data science, and software engineering. He began consulting during his PhD in statistics, where he became the sole maintainer of the Plotly R package, and won awards for his contributions to statistical software. After graduating, he continued consulting, wrote a book on interactive web graphics, and worked as an engineer on the Shiny team at RStudio.

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